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Website Redesign

It is estimated that 7 out of 10 companies who own a website in Mauritius have either an outdated design, poorly written content or both.

Get your outdated website in Mauritius redesigned with a new look

The process of redesigning or revamping a website can be quicker, easier and more affordable than you think. Before considering a complete redesign of your main online communication tool, you might want go through the following evaluation.

10 reasons your website may be outdated

    1. Mobile friendly

      We previously emphasized on the importance of getting a mobile friendly website, i.e. much traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website is not responsive, you are surely losing a lot of traffic from mobile visitors.
    2. Outdated software

      A website with outdated scripts can be more problematic than not having one at all. Outdated software will impact on your website security and put it at risk. Defacement, visitors’ diversion to inappropriate or competing websites, threat infection to visitors are just a few examples of hacks that can potentially harm your company’s reputation. Last year in Mauritius, many companies faced this unfortunate experience.
    3. Appearance

      An attractive design, with vibrant photos and a good resolution, videos and animations should be the core of your website. Generic or obsolete pictures will make your website look dull and uninteresting. Check out some attractive redesign templates here (registration required).

New Modern Website layout with videos and animations

    1. Outdated or incomplete information

      Between now and the moment you put your website online, you may have added new services and worked on new projects. Showcasing your new services and successful projects, supported by clients’ testimonials, on your website will help promote your business. You can also include useful documents (such as PDFs) and other resources for your customers to download in the redesign plan.
    2. Functionalities

      A good website should be able to interact with visitors, be user friendly and be functional with easy navigation. Visitors might lose interest if they get lost on your website structure or they can’t find a simple way to get in touch with you using an easy contact form. An integration of Google maps to locate your business is a must nowadays. You can also opt for our state-of-the-art visitors’ interaction chat software to convert visitors into potential leads, or make use of our CMS backend, which is part of our redesign plan, to update your content yourself.
    3. Performance & Speed

      How fluid is your website is a major factor that will influence abandon rate. In this fast-paced world, online visitors no longer have the patience to wait around. So the more time your website takes to load, the more you risk losing business as potential customers will leave your website by hitting your competitor’s link. Thanks to new technologies, site performance can greatly be improved. Some free speed tools on the Internet will give you an idea of your site’s speed performance, GTmetrix being one of the best.
    4. Is it getting traffic ?

      Do you have any means of testing how many visits your website is getting? With our web hosting solution, you can easily get statistics details about how many people visit your page and, based on that, take the necessary steps to increase traffic.
    5. Promoting your company image

      A first bad impression can be disastrous for your business. Since you are also promoting your company image through your website, you want to make sure you leave the visitor with a positive impact. Enhance your company image and stand out from the common websites out there with an appealing and innovating design. It might be a good idea to advertise the launch of your new website through a marketing campaign after the redesign.
    6. Social integration

      While social marketing is becoming more popular in Mauritius and other countries, your website might not be taking advantage of social networks integration. The best way to put this marketing tool to work for your business is by integrating the automatic updates from your Facebook page or Twitter, the display of number of Facebook likes or G+1 (Google recommendations) and the possibility to easily share your web page on social media like LinkedIn, Google + and Facebook. These might contribute in bringing you free traffic to both your Social media pages and your website.

Use of Social Media on new website to bring traffic

  1. Text quality

    How well-written your content is will have an impact on your business’ performance. So, if your existing texts is not efficient enough to captivate your audience and lead to sales, you might need to have it revamped, i.e. rewritten with more consistency while including value added content. This will help improve your page rank result on search engines. It might be a good idea to include new texts about your company history, philosophy, mission, customer service, reviews and/or social responsibility in the redesign process.

To conclude, all these factors are of major importance. If your website is missing one or two of these aspects, you should consider redesigning it. You may also get the opinion of your business partners on what is missing on your existing website and what features they would love to see.

Webs800 has been redesigning websites on the Mauritian market since a few years now. Let us assess yours freely today through performance test, SEO analysis, site functionalities and responsiveness among other factors. We will also show you how stunning your new design can be.

Simply provide us with your web address. No commitment!

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